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Why G2?

At G2, we believe that if food service products are going to be disposable, they must be sustainable. We recognize that our customers care about the environmental impact of disposable food service products, too.

This is why we commit to 100% sustainable processes throughout the entire life cycle of our eco-friendly food service disposable products, which include hot cups, cold cups, containers, plates, bowls, utensils, towels, napkins and tissues.  

Sustainability at G2 begins with raw materials. Our products are made out of renewable natural resources, including wheat fiber, sugar cane, potato starch and bamboo.

In order to convert these raw materials into a finished product, we utilize selective partnerships with factories that fully adhere to our stringent guidelines and requirements. We conduct regular audits of our partner factories to be sure that our strict ethical standards are followed invariably. By overseeing this process, we can ensure that our sustainable practices – such as reusing water and decreasing waste in production – are reducing the manufacturing carbon footprint of food service disposables.

While our product package sizes might seem nontraditional, they are strategic. We have formulated a sizing structure that maximizes our transportation methods and reduces the total amount of containers shipped per year. This means that we are able to transport an increased amount of our products using a decreased amount of transportation resources.

In addition, our packaging and corrugate meets certified standards for environmentally sensitive, sustainable manufacturing processes as well as forest management standards.

Utilizing our domestic food service partnerships, G2’s direct shipment program reduces both redistribution costs and carbon emissions.

We ask you, the consumer, to help us maintain sustainability in the final step of the cycle by responsibly disposing of our compostable and recyclable products.

To help us make our planet a better place, choose disposable food service products from G2.